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  1. General Discussion
    October 5th we are heading to H&M for 11 days!!!!! My mom and I are goning as well as one of my buddys. You guys are gonna hate me but we are taking a kawasaki lol Im taking my TTR 230 my 660 dads 360 prarie,buddys Z400 and his TTR 125 bored to a 150 :clap::chillin:
  2. General Discussion
    Well i'm happy the reservations are made for october 5-15th for trailfest! We are staying at twinhollow campground!! Also the reservations are made for April 18th-21 at twin hollow me and my grandpa are going down! Gonna put his 400 KQ to the test! I know the 660 can handel it! It handeled it...
1-2 of 2 Results