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  1. Central Region Events
    Wow, I was on the watva website for wisconsin, and read that Oconto County trails system Dusty trails system out of my home town won the tready award they do for best trail system in Wisconsin. Guess I take it for granted they I have trail rode this system growing up. I like the trail system but...
  2. General Discussion
    Well I'm at the point that im putting my 660 back together and I noticed on little prob. I went to put the head gasket on at it just didnt fit i was like WTH is up with this. Well i looked and the dumbasses gave me the base gasket not the head gasket. The part I dont understand is i gave him the...
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    This 3rd shift is driving me crazy. Got off this morning and said "hey what can I tinker with this morning" Well lets just put a shim in my little boys 350. Installed a 1mm shim and bolted everything back together and man was I surprised! Now i'm not doing wheelies by no means but I did notice...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    You guys wont believe the deal im getting on my first grizzly. Its a 09 700 with plow winch itp wheels. Has 455 miles oh and its green. The price shipped to my door 1800 bucks. I guy in the UK has it in storage here in the US and just needs to get rid of it because it cost him 15 bucks a say to...
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  6. General Discussion
  7. Pictures & Videos
    some canned ham idiot
  8. General Discussion
    for the younger generation and for the guys that like the wow factor -- i got to see one of these up close at the dealership . the grey flames and scales look wicked -- ghosted into the white -- now this is a full dipped graphic -- which means , the take the new plastics and dip them into a...
  9. Pictures & Videos
    i know this is a grizzly site but these pictures are cool !! just a beautiful back ground my friends 2011 can am renegade xxc -- just got done snorkeling her and gave her alittle test drive -- just happened to be a nice background for us.
  10. Useless Info and BS
    I will not link to this website mainly because I don't want to give them the satisfaction of a referral. But it is something that is useful to see as to what is out there. Some of you may know stuff like this exists, I stumbled across it while doing some research for a paper. here are some...
  11. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    I purchased an extreme lift kit to compensate for the height lost when upgrading to elka shocks. Read on a few sites positive reviews of the xtreme products so ordered it. So it comes in a nice box promoting itself as the leader. Install was easy, especially with a naked grizzly So...
1-11 of 12 Results