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Hello, I’m new to atv’s. Picked up a 02 big bear for hunting, it’s in pretty good working order but I’ve have some concerns.
it’s hard to shift into first. Is that normal? I adjusted to clutch and it seems to be better. 2-5 and reverse are easy.
2. when I first got it a week ago I was able to start it while it was in gear. I never saw the oil light at all. Now today I have to be in neutral. If not the oil temp light will come on and it won’t start. Starts right up in neutral. But as it starts the oil temp light gives a flash. I only road it for maybe 5 min.
3. 4x4 works, 4x4 light doesn’t come on but I hear the 4x4 actuator and I’ve used it. I just assumed the light is out. Is that common? The connector is hooked up.
4. speedo doesn’t work, I haven’t looked into it yet, doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll track down the cable and spin it and see if the meter works.
but I appreciate any info. Thanks
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