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The other day my overheating temp light came on so I went to investigate the possible reason and noticed the overflow container was dry so I went to add some to fill it. I pulled my front box off and the cover plate over the battery and while in there noticed some insulation tucked down in the corner by a set of fuses. Digging deeper I removed the insulation and an acorn shell to discover a set of wires had been slightly chewed. After checking service manual I determined these wires ran to the lean angle sensor. The were chewed so close to where they join into other sets of wires I could barely get enough room to work with them. My temporary solution to alleviate the prob was separate each wire carefully and elec. tape them carefully so they didn't touch each other and short something. The mice didn't fully chew through there were still a few strands left intact to tape. This was all not expected as I wasn't really having any electrical issues with the atv just the overheating.

After I re-taped everything and put it back together I started the bike and it ran. Yayyy. Back up and running.
Ok here's where the gremlin's start. I hooked up my brush hog mower and proceeded to head down the road to go mow a field. I was travelling about 30km/h and all of a sudden I noticed the bike kinda want to stall like i let off the throttle for a split second but it picked right back up immediately and kept going. It started to do this randomly again and again the out of the corner of my eye I noticed that every time it did it the drive selector on the dash quickly flashed from H to R for reverse. Woah that's not right I thought. Then it started doing it even at slower speeds like 5km/h in the field. The bike never dies it just feels like it wants to throttle down for a sec then always pics right back up.

My question is could the lean angle sensor cause something like this. I don't understand why the gear selector light is changing and has anything to do with this sensor. I attached a pic of the wires before I taped em. I didn't seem to be having any issues before I taped em. The bike seemed to run fine with the wires as you see them. I'm really surprised it didn't having any bigger issue running it with the wires exposed like this before I found it by chance.

Thanks for reading.

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