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Hey Yall,
I got my Griz a couple months ago and have been busy with other things. The petcock switch was leaking gas so replaced it and the new one.. yup turn the gas from off to on and your hand gets a dose of gas on it, turn it to reserve and sometimes it leaks sometimes not. I saw some gas leaking out near the gas gauge on the tank so I ordered and replaced that and the silver ring and that seemed to work. Now I hadn't had a chance to really take it out to a sand pit or someplace to really put it through its paces so I hadn't needed or really thought about using Low. So I tried to put it into Low the other day when I took it out on a trail and nothing. It goes fine in Hi but when I shift into Low it acted like it was in between gears. It seems to go into R-N-H pretty well. Not really sure what to make of this. Bike only has about 2500mi on it.
Thanks in advance
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