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I have a starter/relay issue. the grizzly wont start the normal method (ignition on, in park, kill switch off, push start button), and by bypassing to starter relay the starter starts to turn, but stops after 1 sec.
I believe the starter and the relay are bad. I have been through 4 relays in 4 years.
The battery is strong (12.5v no load).
My question is does anyone have a writeup on how to remove the starter on an 04 660?
the two bolts holding the starter can be access from the right side of the grizzly, but one of the bolts seem to be very hard to get to without removing some stuff in the way.
I looked up a youtube video(
), the guy claims you need to remove a bunch of stuff, including the gas tank, but some commentators of his video state all you have to do is remove the two bolts and wiggle it out. One guy commented that you need to remove the oil filter.

I was able to get to both bolts on the starter; I had to remove the oil filter, air box and get to one bolt from the top.
But now I cant get the starter out, it wont budge at all. Is there anything else I need to do to get it out after I remove the two mounting bolts and the power wire on top?

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