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87 Big Bear 350 Grinding in Rear End

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I have a 1987 Big Bear 350 that I am fixing up for bush use. After having it sit around for a month, I decided to move it to work on it and I noticed that it makes a grinding noise at higher speeds (or in high-range). However the noise isn't constant, only occurring at "x" amount of tire rotations.

I'm assuming the problem is in the drive shaft or the final drive unit. When I removed the skid plates, a lot of gunk and oil was gathered up under the end of the drive shaft. It seams to have a very small leak, so I'm assuming (and hoping) that's where my problem is.

Hopefully someone can help me. I'm more of a dirt bike guy and this ATV stuff is a lot more confusing.
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Sounds like you have a seal leak and lost your fluid. Remove the skid plates, pull the plug to fill your drive, and top up with the correct fluid. Degrease all the mess, drive it around a short bit and find out where the leak is coming from. Need to get that sealed up
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