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Hey all,
Just inherited a 90 something Kodiak. IT almost runs! Have some really basic questions though.

How do I figure out the year? and where is VIN?

Next question, it seems to be permanant 4x4. There's not switch or lever I'm missing somewhere right?

Next question... I put it up on jack stands because it doesn't want to "roll" in neutral. When the neurtal light is on, if I rotate any tire, all tires are moving... and... I think maybe its engaged with motor because its super hard to rotate them. Ideas?

Lastly, it hasn't ran for several years. But, after new battery, it "fires" right up, then dies nearly immediately, like after 2-4 seconds of idling. Whether with choke on, half choke or no choke. if I touch the throttle, it dies even more immediately. Carb issue of some sort right.

Theres some other issues, but I'd be happy to discuss these ones first!

Thanks very much for any info!

PS... frame number JY44GBA03PA003050 is this VIN too?
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