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Another good reason to love Yamaha!

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Read this and tell us how you much you love to be a Yamaha rider!:s_cool:

Yamaha Working to Keep Trails Open
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GO YAMAHA!!!!!:bravo_2:
Man that is a great partnership. Way to Go Yamaha. As enthusiast each of us need to be more involved in trail/forest maintenance.
I've been watching this for several years now. Yamaha does alot to help with so many projects big and small and never asks for any credit or publicity. They make me proud to say I have used their machines for years and will continue to do so and are bringing jobs to our country by moving their atv plant to the US. I would love to take a tour of that plant so day.:clap:
I wasnt aware they did this. Its pretty cool to this kind of effort from a large manufacturer. Its definitely another reason to be proud of Yamaha! Plus, its kind of a job security thing too, the more trails they keep open the more products go out the door.

Way cool.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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