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Hey gang... brand new to the site. Having issues with my BB 400 4X2.

Its a 2001 model, and when i bought it the carb was off of it and shot. It had been setting for several years with a coke bottle stuck in the intake where the carb goes. So here we go with what I've got......

orderd an after market carb for it and put it on. Replaced the plug in it along with new throttle and choke cables. I wasn't the one that took the carb off, but after some research I found (I think) where the "vaccum" lines go..... I guess they are some sort of vaccum lines. I washed the tank out good and put it back on..... put gas in it and it fired right up!!! i shut it back down and did an oil change, new air filter, and oul filter. i even puit an inline fuel filter in it. Now here we go with the issue I'm seeing......

When its cold, it runs great. idles wonderful and accelerates perfect. as it warms up, it starts to stall when accelerating. The warmer it gets, the more it stalls (spits and sputters....hesitates, etc). i took the fuel/air mixture screw and tightened it all the way up, then backed out 2 and a half turns..... made it worse.

I was thinking that since the carb will move in the intake that maybe it is sucking air. I took some silicone and put around the inside of the intake boot and re-installed the carb. No help. I have noticed that the fuel pidcock is leaking some.

When its cold this thing will fly. As it warms up, there is no acceleration at all. If you easy the throttle open slowly, it will accelerate to about half throttle, then it starts with the spitting/sputtering/hesitation again. I'm not an ATV mechanic, but i do work on cars and trucks so I'm kinda familiar with these things. This one is kicking my butt.

Please help. Thanks!!
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