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Big Bear Extreme Mud Build

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Just Picked up a 1989 bigbear 350 for 400$. Its mint... I am going to build it into a mud slaying machine. I do a lot of custom fab work. nothing leaves my shop. I am planning to make a custom arched a-arm 6" lift and widen it about 7" with some 30" silverbacks. Do the same with the rear also. something like @jamiewatts300 does with his 300's... The only thing is I have not found any way to make a gear reduction in this so I may have to tear my motor apart and build one myself.(Like a 54% or something) But that can be something I will do after. The dual range will help lots for now with a first gear with a ratio of 67.113... I was looking to do a full motor rebuild and swap things from other motors to make a good combination. Like use a warrior head cause of the bigger valves. (Are the warrior and Kodiak 93-99 heads the same?) I would put a Webcam cam, valves, springs, rockers, etc. With a high comp piston and probably the warrior carb (4mm bigger than BB) it should give me a bit extra power. And input on either of these would be very much appreciated. Shes gonna be a mean riding machine!
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@bulu4life i am getting near the end of the build, i ended up making a 10" arched a-arm lift with 32's, its a mean machine. Has 24" of ground clearence now


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