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Thought I would do a review on my tires. They are 27x10 on front, and 27x12 rears on stock rims. I have now had them for 2 years now and they are wearing very well. I have about 2,000 miles on them now.

When I was looking at tires back when I bought them, what stood out was how flat of a profile for a bias ply tire. Not many I looked at did, like zilla's. When I saw them in person I really like the way they looked. The flat profile is what makes them do so well I think. When I got them mounted up the run true to size in height, and little wider actually on my stock rims. Here is a link for the specs on the tires, and couple pics to show them new, and in my current use of how the tread looks.

MotoMax ATV Tires by EFX Performance Tires - Specs, Sizes, Fitments and more.

Now for performance in different situations:
hard pack- These tires do very well on hard pack. They do have little roughness up to 5 mph, but goes away after that. If you like to slide the rear end on corners, these tires don't really do this well. They want to grip, and go.

Rock-These tires actually do better than I thought they would on rocks. I wouldn't compare them to a big horn, but for what I have they do great for me. They climb up them very well, but I don't have the rock like some you guys have to play on.

Snow- In the snow they do well. I have gotten through some very deep snow at times. Seems as long as you can rock the quad and get to the ground it will get through fluffy snow. In snow that is very packy you can stay on top of the snow well with throttle control. If you gun it the tires will dig fast. For me they have done above my expectations for snow. I always thought you could turn them around and have a paddle tire basically for the snow.

Mud- In mud they have been above my expectations also for not being a true mud tire. This is where the flatter profile I think makes them do well. efx list them as an all terrain mud tire, and I think that fits the bill. In mud that is thinner, and has no bottom they do dig fast. This is where I do get stuck more as one the holes I go in is like this. I can't get through it anymore lol. In thick mud they clean out well with some wheel spin. The only time I get stuck really is when I run out of ground clearance. In mud with water you can float pretty well with these. I know there has been one time that it got bit to deep and I ended up floating the quad accross the water hole. They do well climbing out of steep mud holes to. If I have enough ground clearance in rutted steeper mud holes coming out they claw there way up, and out. Very happy with there performance.

Durability has been very well on these tires. Nothing on the trail has hurt these tires at all. I have beat these tires up pretty good on rocky trails, in the mud and just in the woods in general. The only damage I have had is from stupid nails. I have got two repairs from them in one tire lol. The tread is holding up well to. No cuts or tears in them.

All in all I will say that these tires are a great choice for a all terrain mud tire.

here is a link to my youtube page so you can see in action.
scottruege - YouTube

Also wanted to add that site sponsor rage customs sells these tires now. I bought mine from
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