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Hey guys, quick question, i have a 2008 griz 350 that i mess around with a lot, mudding and stuff. Well recently i took it in the deep mud pit, turns out it was much deeper than expected. i Flooded it, but did not hydrolock, i was able to drive it back home after vigorously shaking and jumping up and down on it to try and get any water out, and fuel in. it rode fine for the rest of the day. Next time i went to use it it was working perfectly for 15 minuets or so, when all of a sudden it wasn't getting either air or fuel, the same thing that happened when i first flooded it. Keep in mind i haven't taken it in any water at this point. What would happen is i would give it gas and it would not go over like 5 Mph and it would backfire like crazy, i could give it full throttle and it would barely move, I'm thinking its not getting enough air, so i checked the air filter, it was super dirty but it was no the problem. Im thinking i have to rebuild carb or at least clean it out? any thoughts?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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