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Grizzly 450 Valve Adjustment Video/Write Up

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I needed to check my valve clearances so I figured I would shoot a little video of it. I was a bit of a mush mouth, and didn't film the whole procedure so I will add a write up with all the specs under the video. Hope you guys enjoy it!

To begin checking/adjusting your valves, you should have a service manual on hand and the engine should be cool. Here is a list of the parts I needed to remove on the 450 to access the intake valve tappet cover.

Side Plastic Panels
Tank Cover Plastic
Fuel Pet Cock Knob
Fuel line (from Carb)
Fuel Tank
Rubber Mat (under fuel tank)

The service manual states you need to remove the front rack, hood and fender to gain access to the exhaust valve tappet cover, but I was able to work easily on it by simply removing my hood, taking out the 3 bolts that secure the front plastics to the frame and then removing the 3 bolts that secure the front right side of the fender to the right floorboard. Once this was done the fender was loose enough to move up out of the way giving plenty of room to work on the exhaust valve.

To check Valve Clearance, remove

Spark Plug
Recoil Starter
Timing Plug
Tappet Cover (Intake Valve)
Tappet Cover (Exhaust Valve)

The grizzly 450 has 1 Intake Valve and 1 Exhaust Valve

First thing you need to do is set your crankshaft to TDC (Top Dead Center) on the Compression Stroke. This is done by turning your crankshaft counter clockwise until you have lined up your T mark on your rotor with the stationary pointer on your crankcase cover (See Video) you should also have clearance between the valve stem and rocker arm when you are at TDC.

Once at TDC you measure and adjust your valve clearance as per your service manual. On the 450 the valve clearance is...

Intake = 0.06mm ~ 0.10mm
Exhaust = 0.16mm ~ 0.20mm

Once you have your valves adjusted, check all the parts you removed to be sure the seals and O rings are good, bolt everything back on using the following torque specs. Be sure the ridge on the tappet covers are facing up.

Adjuster Locknut = 20 Nm (2.0 m kg, 14 ft lb)
Tappet Covers = 10 Nm (1.0 m kg, 7.2 ft lb)
Spark Plug = 18 Nm (1.8 m kg, 13 ft lb)
Recoil Starter = 10 Nm (1.0 M kg, 7.2 ft lb)

Start engine to ensure it is running properly and that their are no leaks and then put all your plastics back on and head out and ride! :wee_hee:
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Nice informative video Butch, great job. Wish I could move that fast around the Grizz. Didn't see any smoke either. Looks like your ready for PA.
Thank you for the video, I feel so much better about doing this myself.

When setting the clearances for the intake and exaust, do you need to readjust the possition of the crankshaft. You said TDC on the compression stroke. Is this the position for both intake and exaust adjustments? It dosent say to move off this position in the manual either so I'm guessing NO? I made the adjustments and now there is a lot of tapping when it gets hot. Maybe im just not used to the noise or should I recheck the clearances? In your video you were makeing the feeler gauge pretty tight in the gap and a lot of friction when pulling it out. I may not have done that.

Please let me know what you think

You answered all your own ?s above. Yes at TDC for both and Yes their should be drag when you are pulling the feeler gauge out.
Ok I needed to change the oil so why not Adjusted my 450 Grizz valves when I'm half There...Intake was .08mm adj to .06mm..Exhaust was at .016mm so I didn't adjust it..My thinking is the Exhaust tightens and the Intake will loosen..I'll check the exhaust again after the WV GR trip and that will tell me whats a going on..Very simple and Butch You nailed the procedure..
Mine also gotten more noisey it seems..I'm learning thats just the 450 Grizz motor..
I'm not sure what oil was in it but it sure was black..
I put the Valvoline ATV for wet clutch 10/40 back in it..Hope it didn't have synthetic..Seems like clutch is working all the same..Had 320 miles when I bought it now has 440ish miles..
Do you guys with 450 grizzlys have to adjust your valves every 30 hrs or so? I have roughly 3300 miles / 340 hrs on my 660. My exhaust has never moved since I bought it new. Now my intake valves tighten up and need adjustment every 30 to 50 hrs

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Do you guys with 450 grizzlys have to adjust your valves every 30 hrs or so? I have roughly 3300 miles / 340 hrs on my 660. My exhaust has never moved since I bought it new. Now my intake valves tighten up and need adjustment every 30 to 50 hrs

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Not sure yet as I did mine not to long agao, But will post back when I check them again soon.. I seem to run my 450 grizz pretty hard. So the testing has begun..:bigsmile1: Don't ride much but trail ride hard every chance I get..Are you staying on the lowside middle for adjustments. or how you setting the tappets..just curius.
I only needed to adjust the exhaust once and the intake twice. Both loosened though.
My Intake has a spec range of .10mm to .15mm. I have a feeler gauge that is .127mm and thats where I put my intake valves.
Butch are you adjusting on the tighter size of the scale..Ok I re watched your vids..You I'll be rechecking mine this weekend..
Great video Butch! Thanks for doing it. Also, wondering where to get a good service manual. Can't seem to find them anywhere online.
Thanks. There is a member on here and several other forums called crazy steve. He has the manual and will email it to ya if you contact him.
Cam chain adjustment -GRIZZ450

When i have putted the sprocket mark in line with the mark on the head, the flywheel with letter F is in line with mark on the engine cover.
Should it be like that or should it be letter T in line with mark on the engine cover?
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