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The filter housing is filling up with gas? Was there any work done to the engine? Are the valves/timing in spec? Was the engine running prior to you noticing this condition and if so, does it still fire up and run? The fuel source should be well below the filter, so fuel shouldn't be getting that high unless you have some sort of back pressure blowing up into the carb, driving fuel up towards the filter. If that were the case, the filter should be saturated and you should have fuel starvation (the engine wouldn't run). Not much of a help, but since no one else with technical expertise is responding.....

Unfortunately, you most likely won't find much in the way of help on these pages, as I've found. If you notice where the most posts/views/responses are, you'll see this site is largely about parts, modifications and people just bragging about their rides. Actual technical help is scarce and the site administrators are of NO help. You'd be better off trying to post to a different site or talking to dealerships close to your location. I've found this site to be mostly useless. Good Luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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