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2004 Grizzly 660, Winch, Thumb/Grip Warmers

I have been only using the quad only for plowing the driveway, so it doesn't get much use.
I wanted to get the quad ready for the winter this year and wanted to fix this issue once and for all.

I have been having an issue for a while now and I started taking the grizzly apart to figure out what the heck is going on.

For 4-5 seasons, I have been "blowing" through solenoids, at least that is what I thought it was.
I would buy a new one, It would crank/start for about 20-35 starts, then the issue starts again.
I replaced the battery during that time frame.

In order to get around solenoid issue, I would just bypass it by connecting the starter lead to the positive battery terminal and the quad fires right up and runs great.

I purchased a new solenoid.
The first few attempts to start, it would crank/start easily.
after a few starts. I start hearing clicks then starts.
then after that, it would either not crank and when it does finally crank, it would not stop Cranking, even after i let go of the start button, as well as turning off the main switch and Stop switch.
To me it sounds like a ground issue,...

This is what I have checked so far...
Battery: 12.6+ volts.
Main Switch: I get continuity from Main Switch in ON position and No Cont. when in OFF position.
Run/Stop Switch: I get continuity from Run/Stop Switch in RUN position and No Cont. when in STOP position.
Start Button: Put test light on start button Solenoid feed (Black/Blue wire), light ON when button pressed and light OFF when depressed.
Solenoid: Engages(clicks) when I attach power to it, to it and releases when no power. (solenoid out of the system, and not connected to system)
Ground Wires: Ground from Battery to frame has no resistance, no visible corrosion/breaks.

If the starter engages and releases when I "jump" the solenoid, does that eliminate the Starter and/or Battery? (Once the quad is started, it runs great)

Where are the other grounds and what else can I test?
Thanks in advance.
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