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Grizzly Riders Staffers Ride Of The Year Contest Entry Thread!

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Time to see what all the staff members have decided on for their entry pics. Well everyone's pics except Nathan's since he couldn't read the rules right and posted his early :tongueout:

This entry thread will stay open for 48 hours. Tuesday night around 7pm est entries will come to a close and the poll thread will then go live for 3 days of member voting. Once again the description and rules are listed below. Have fun!

Grizzly Riders Staffers

Grizzly/Ride Of The Year Contest

In keeping with the spirit of our GOTM/GOTY contest, we are not so proud to present to our members.... the staffers ride of the year contest sponsored by no one! Staff members who enter will be competing for your votes to become our first (and probably last :laugh1:) Staffers Ride Of The Year Winner and to claim the honor of absolutely nothing!

Excited yet? Wait there's more!
If the lack of a prize and claim of no honor just isn't enough for you, losers will probably have to endure the constant ridicule from staff and members alike, and feel ultimate humility for least for the following hour after this contest ends anyway :s_hi:

So what's in it for the members? If the simple enjoyment of watching our staff members bust each others balls and also joining in on the fun isn't enough for you... we will randomly pick 3 members who voted for the winner, and 1 member who voted from among all the LOSERS, and they will receive an undisclosed prize worth way more than our dignity :Shh:

In all seriousness we are running this contest so the staff members can have some fun and the members can join in with us. As fun as we believe this contest can be, please keep in mind the sites rules when posting in the thread. We also encourage all members to vote for the best pictures entered and not because of the staff member who entered them! (Vote For Me!!!!! lol) just kidding!

This contest will go live on Sunday the 18th at 7pm est. We will have entries for the first 2 days and voting shall commence for the following 3 days. And I swear not to alter any contestants images in any way before the voting thread opens :boxing:

Here are the rules....

  • All Staff Members are eligible to participate regardless of what they currently ride (expect to have your balls busted if you enter pics of a non Yamaha model, all in fun of course!)
  • Enter up to 4 images of your current ride, but all images must be of only 1 ride....cough, cough..Gary :boxing:
  • All action images must show the rider wearing a helmet and acting in a responsible manner, or at least trying to anyways, after all it's real hard for some of us :laugh1:
  • No additional images of, videos with or links to either are allowed to be posted in the contest thread by the contestant who owns "said" ride. Contestants are however allowed to do all of the above with another contestants ride showcased in the spirit of busting balls! :s_hi:
  • We reserve the right to disqualify and ban ourselves for attempts at cheating, or at the very least allow the members to ridicule said cheater as to strip away any remaining shred of honor and dignity for attempting to do so!
  • Shenanigans, Jackassery and Tomfoolery are "NOT" frowned upon, and any contestant who takes this contest too seriously will be disqualified!
  • In all seriousness, this contest is meant for everyone to be able to have some fun, so please keep in mind the sites rules and keep any personal attacks out of it. Also if you can't take it...Don't dish it out! Please base your vote on the images entered and not because of the staff member!
  • Please read the fine print.....
Grizzlyriders does not condone this contest, it's staff members who enter or their actions within the contest threads....As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure they don't even condone me typing they don't condone this! Grizzlyriders does not condone the abuse of alcohol, so any images containing beer being spilled will not be tolerated and the image and poster shall be removed from "said" contest! No one's ATV or SxS was harmed in the making of this contest...Oh crap that would leave me out, okay I am pretty sure just my ATV was harmed in the making of this contest! No animals will be harmed in the making of this contest....except for any animals killed during hunting season which may be displayed on the contestants rides....or in videos posted from "said" hunting excursions, actually quite a few animals will probably be harmed during the making of this contest, after all its hunting season still in a few states! Grizzlyriders is not responsible to praise the winner of "said" contest, isn't winning the highly acclaimed prize enough for you! Grizzlyriders reserves the right to berate in public any staffer who does not participate in said contest...okay I was just informed we can't berate them openly but we can make fun of them behind their backs! Grizzlyriders will not tolerate any posts of a seriousness nature within the contest threads. If you can't take a joke, don't read this thread....crap I fear it may be too late for some of you, quick hit the back button! Grizzlyriders feels the need to express all of the above to avoid any beatings I..I mean it may receive from the site owner, its staff members or its membership for anything which may transpire from any and all posts, images, videos, jokes, bribe offerings or back room dealings contained within this contest!
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Great Picture's so far. BUT we are missing a few???
Come you slackers get them pic's up!!!!:boxing:

Ahhh you too Boss!!!!!:angel:........:s_laugh:
Butch you undersold your self..... Those pic's look great! Nice job!:clap:I think you should stick to the mud holes.... looks plenty safe there buddy!:hee20hee20hee:
Gunny always good to see you ride Can Ham or not. There sure is a lot of room on that machine, whats that for picking up Hookers??:angel:
Mack the BF is....well I hope you didn't get it stuck in that spot, looks like it's been there a while...:bigsmile1:
Neil that purdy Red One looks good but seeing the two of you sit on your Be Hind just cracks me up!:s_laugh:
Sas what can I say you found pedro, talk about a self promotional slut all I can think of now is VOTE PEDRO!:bashcomputer:
Jay that Grizzly looks plenty clean and all those light makes me want to MORE! The O- Bag looks great, nice to see every thing is in order.:chillin:
Now where's Jacks chingadera Grizzly, will there be dozens of holsters mounted now?
Matt.. come on brother it's time to show the Bad Ass Black 5fity!
Will the Boss dare to post with all these Awesome Grizzlies laying in wait???:rolleyes:
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Dude ... the ONLY other person that gets on this machine is my wife ... SO TREAD LIGHTLY DUDE !!! :watchit:
Ooooppppsssss!.....Sorry old man i forgot about your better half Mrs. Gunny.
As penitence for you I'll do a slow ride out yonder in the mountains and think happy thoughts of Gunny.
Well when I get my grizzly back from the frame overhaul it's getting done.
Very Nice fellas!:chillin:
Matt those wheel are great on the Black grizzly.:s_cool:
Nick the Blue grizzly is looking good buddy.:wee_hee:
Boss that sure is a purdy RZR, do the stickers make it go faster?:tongueout:
Jack where the holsters? grizzly is looking as good as ever, I did notice most of your pic's are never on all fours!!:s_laugh:
1 - 4 of 71 Posts
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