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Here's the deal. The 1st member to answer the following question correctly will receive a free GR T Shirt in size Large or XL. No staff are eligible and as with all contests you must be a regular status member (10 posts or more) or a site supporter. Well here is the question. Name all 3 members whose grizzly pictures were used in creating the back design of the GR T shirt. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? It's not who you would think either....well not all 3 any way. Want a hint? There are clues listed in the old design threads when we started work on creating them. Each member can have 2 shots at guessing. After that your done. Post your answers in this thread....Good luck!

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i'm gonna go with
Butch's 450
Grizzly Adams 660
Dodge57Hemi's 700
jfer (jfwic) 700[/QUOTE said:
not the same person......
i'm waiting for a usefull clue. i've read the thread 5 times and haven't come up with anything different. i've tried searching usernames that have anything to do with gambling and still haven't come up with anything
Butch's 450
Grizzly Adams 660
and wait for it, wait for it....navvin1's 700
i ain't gettin' any skinnier........
can i pay the difference to get an XXL? if not, i'll take the large and give it to my daughter, she's been asking for one.
it was that darn 700! couldn't find anywhere that said anything about him sending, or Butch using, a picture!

No hurry Butch, just let me know.
i knew he had posted a good bit in the T shirt threads, and when you said "he recently sold his Grizzly" i just went to searching for posts from Navvin to see if he had said anything about betting on the store. and sure enough there he was in the original T shirt threads
1 - 7 of 43 Posts
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