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Here's the deal. The 1st member to answer the following question correctly will receive a free GR T Shirt in size Large or XL. No staff are eligible and as with all contests you must be a regular status member (10 posts or more) or a site supporter. Well here is the question. Name all 3 members whose grizzly pictures were used in creating the back design of the GR T shirt. Sounds easy enough doesn't it? It's not who you would think either....well not all 3 any way. Want a hint? There are clues listed in the old design threads when we started work on creating them. Each member can have 2 shots at guessing. After that your done. Post your answers in this thread....Good luck!

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One of you guys guessed 2 of the 3 but I ain't gonna say who :tongueout:

The 450 is mine so I'll give ya's that one. I am really surprised that someone already guessed a 2nd one. Means they looked around the site a bit. Keep the guesses coming guys.
Nope. :boxing:

I forgot to mention you only get to post once lol. Seems I always screw up something around here. Okay in light of my forgetting to mention how many times you get to guess I will allow all members 2 chances at guessing and then they are out. So anyone who posted already has another crack at it, except Scooter.
Just cause I said the old threads had clues doesn't mean all 3 members posted pics or posted they were going to send me them. If that was the case this contest would have been over with the first member who looked at that thread. One of the pics could have been from a member who just simply posted in 1 or all of the old t shirt threads. If no one guesses the right members I may throw up another clue later but it might be a "gamble" to do so :s_laugh:
Nope :laugh1:

Ohio grizzly, GrizzRider, Scott and Jstowell2008...Thanks for playing but you have used up your guesses.

Nice try using Hardcoreslot for a guess based off the above clue but I think you guys might not have looked through all the old shirt threads. BTW this is kind of fun for me :boxing: I'll add another clue later as to the 3rd pics owner. And now 3 of you have at least guessed 2 correct.
:laugh1: this is really not going as well as I thought. I have to think of another clue without giving it away too easy.
I was looking at the grip style on the tires to help me narrow it down and people who posted in the other threads.
Good idea. But I swapped the tires on te 700. Look at the 450 and the 700, notice they are the same lol. The tires that were on the 700 didn't come out right so i used mine. Okay so srgrizzly700 is out now. I'll add another clue in a few.

Hammer, liquid and grizzlyman660 you guys can still take another shot at this!
i'm waiting for a usefull clue. i've read the thread 5 times and haven't come up with anything different. i've tried searching usernames that have anything to do with gambling and still haven't come up with anything
The 1st clue was just to get you guys looking for the 660 owner. Everyone knows the 450 was mine. The 2nd clue was a post between a member and myself making a wager on when the GR store would be finished in one of the t shirt/store threads.This member posted in every t shirt thread on the site but recently sold his 700.

And no Ron, the 660 wasn't yours. Scott you are done also. You already had 2 shots at this and took a 3rd. Please don't post again thanks
Ron you are now out also :s_bye2:

So far the following members have guessed twice and are out...

GrizzlyMan660, Jstowell2008, Scott, srgrizzly700, Ohio grizzly and GrizzRider

Lots of other members haven't even guessed yet :boxing:
Butch's 450
Grizzly Adams 660
and wait for it, wait for it....navvin1's 700
And we have a winner.......... :thewave::bravo_2:

What size would you need Jack?
i ain't gettin' any skinnier........
can i pay the difference to get an XXL? if not, i'll take the large and give it to my daughter, she's been asking for one.
From the looks of your avatar you are losing your hair also lol. I'll check with Gary and see how many extra 2xls we have. I'll let you know.
What's funny is that after I posted the contest I went back through the threads cause I could have swore I posted something about it being his. I think what I did was post in one of his threads about it lol. I figured it would take more clues to get his after that. Then when I posted the gambler clue I didn't even think about how that would make everyone think it was Matt's 550 lol. All I saw was how I posted about placing bets on whether the new store would be up before anyone received their shirts from Mack and he replied. Oh well at least I didn't make it too easy :laugh1:
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