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i have a few problems grizzly 550 eps.

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so i let my friend ride my baby :banghead: and he forgot to press the brake before shifting. well he managed to force it into the neutral position from park without pushing the brake for the interlock and now it wont go into park and it super hard to get it back down that far (2 hands) so something must be bent, anyone have any idea what it could be and how to fix it (step by step please) and also now when i turn the key nothing happends with power, no dash, no lights, no buzzing absolutley nothing! it wont start! so id also like to know if a fuse could be the problem or if it could be something else. warranty just ran out and iv never dug into a grizzly before so bare with me! cheers ::alchy::
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Dang! That sucks. I think your friend ought to pay to have your dealer fix it! He should have offered to do that himself.
Yah I fixed the electric issue all i did was unplug the ignition and plug it back in. As for the hard shifting its like it has to go down farther to engage park but if you rock the quad back and forth it goes in so the shifter must be bent I think.. Still need to figure out how to take it apart to get at it lol
I've got a friend with a 660 that has the same problem he broke the plastic housing on shifter cable next to the shifter. Same problems sometimes have to hold shifter down to even get ignition to try and crank. Hard to shift into other gears.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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