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Installation Xtreme Products 2 inch Lift Kit Grizzly 450

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Xtreme Products 2" Lift Kit Install

Grizzly 450

I received my 2" lift kit from Xtreme Products Xtreme Products the Leader in ATV Suspension on Friday and had a few hours last night to install it and take some pics. Installation was fairly simple with the exception of compressing the 2 front shocks. Install time for 1 person shouldn't take more than a couple hours. This write up will walk you through the basic procedure of installation on a Grizzly 450.

I will post up before and after measurements at the end of this article. Keep in mind I have Elka shocks so your measurements may be different.

Tools required for lift kit = 17mm wrench or socket, 15mm wrench or socket, spring compressor or pry bar.
Tools required for everything else listed in this article = 14mm wrench or socket (old shock bolts), 10mm socket, 3/4 " wrench and 19mm wrench (ASR tie rod ends) 17mm socket for lug nuts, 6 pack of your favorite beer and 6 Marlboro Red cigarettes (if you drink and smoke)

Let's get started....
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+ or - 10lbs too unreliable to count on! Been there done that! :tongueout:

It was the 26.5" Growlers that measure 27.1

FYI- have heard reports that the PB rubber compound is soft, wears quicker than most, and chucks are torn out of the treads blocks in rocky terrain. But hey, the traction is great as long as it lasts. lol :angel:
Heard that also in regards to the growlers, not yet about the rockers though.Yeah I am always around 20 - 25 #s lighter in the summer. It's always the same since I lose weight just by crawling around in 140 degree attics all day lol, so yeah it's pretty reliable. Would go with BH but I know a few who have run them and PB's both and they all say the rockers will outperform the BH in the mud due to the tread spacing. I know the moapa protos are probably as good as the BH in mud, in other words....they both suck, due to the close spacing on the lugs.

I want a tire that will do everything well and I don't care if they wear out quicker than the big horns would. In case you haven't noticed by now I don't really like to walk the beaten path. Besides they will be my 2nd set and will get switched out depending on where I will be riding. My zilla's will probably wind up back on it also at some point when I know there will be lots of mud on a trip.
Kind of what I thought, so longer axles and control arms...ain't happening lol. Anyone want to bet on how long it will take for me to break one :laugh1:
Don't worry Butch. I carry a tow strap and several ratched straps with me. I won't let a Popo tow you back.
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Don't worry Butch. I carry a tow strap and several ratched straps with me. I won't let a Popo tow you back.
Never been towed and only once did I have to trouble another rider to follow as I limped the 450 back to where we were staying, it's not fun. Hope it won't come to that but if so thanks.....I think :bigsmile1:
this kit will not fit a 2011 grizzly 450 irs i bout one a few months ago and bout this last week to get a little higher stance and the front bar for the front suspension is to short yamaha made the front shock mounts wider than previous years i called xtreme lifts and let them know the said the are researching it soon and will let me know shortly what i can do
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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