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2017 Grizzly coming soon... deposit is placed and i am awaiting arrival at the dealer. I know that lights dont match... i am not a carpet not matching the curtains kinda guy.

I used search... I searched LED, Light Pod, LED Bulb, 2016 light bulbs... and others... I got alot of results! But none that helped and none that should be resurrected.

I am not into modifying headlights guys, im not gonna peel mine apart and put a Baja Designs S2 pod in it... even though a guy called Carbon did... and it is amazing.

I found this

I like it... and it looks bright. It is more my speed... THIS is the question i could not get answered in search do you think that light will fit? How much room is in the housing?

Or should i us this?

I also want a reverse light... how do you guys do that?

Any guidance is appreciated.

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I didn't have the options available now to replace head lamps etc. Really bright lamps also tended to melt the plastic. I assume they're better now.

Anyway, I went with a pair of D-2 cubes (driving pattern) from Rigid Industries. They're very bright and I like the ability to adjust the beams slightly toward the sides. I don't always need that much light and don't often want it so the stock lights do fine until I want it to be daylight! Rigids are in my thinking the best there is. JMHO

A lot of guys are going with light bars as technology improves and prices come down.

Not sure I'd be happy with lamp replacement but your mileage may vary. ;)


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