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Lug Nut torque

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I was a member here many years back when I had a 700 Grizzly and the wife had a 350.

We just got back into ATVs and picked up two used 450s - a 2006 Kodiak 450 and a 2007 Grizzly 450, both 4x4 with IRS.

Anyway, I picked up a set of brand new OEM takeoff wheels and tires to replace the ones on the 2006. Can anyone tell me the torque spec on the lug nuts? I tend to want to overtighten so stuff doesn't fall off and in the process usually end up ruining bolts - a torque wrench is my friend!
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Seems to me it's 40/ft lbs for the Grizzly.

Yup, just looked it up. "55 Nm (5.5 m • kg, 40 ft • Ib)"
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