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New Rim/Tire/Clutch combo

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Hello everyone,

I need some help selecting some upgrades to my Grizzly. I understand there is alot of information out there regarding some of this, but its a bit confusing.

I have an all stock 2007 Grizzly 700. I am looking to upgrade my rims and tires to SS212's and 28 inch Mega Mayhem tires. After this tire/wheel combo will I need to do anything to the stock clutch? And if so what is all this talk about greaseless, machining primary, weights, EPI kits, etc.. Its already feeling a bit slow on the low end with my 26inch Sedona Mud rebels right now. I have a little over 2400 miles and about 325 hours on it right now I believe. If now is a good time to do clutch work let me know.

If there are combo/packages available for the tires/wheels listed above that would be great.

Sorry if this sounds repetitive. I have a finite amount of cash in college and I can only do this right the first time. Thanks gents

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