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Bought a 2007 450 earlier this year with a blown head gasket (overheating with white smoke and water in oil). I replaced head gasket (checked head with feeler gauges as per manual and all was fine) and bike is running perfect with no smoke but still have issues with overheating.

Temp light comes on but fan wasn't coming on so I thought issue was rad switch as the fan works when I put a jumper across the switch. Anyway, even with fan running all the time the bike will still over heat.

I noticed that every time I open the radiator cap after the bike has been ran but had fully cooled (couple of days) that coolant spills out which appears to be air in the system. Also, if I run the bike with the rad cap off and work the throttle, coolant with bubble so it looks like there is air getting into the coolant. Coolant itself looks like it came from the bottle and no coolant in oil either.

Am I looking at still having head-gasket issues or potentially a cracked cylinder head (surely unlikely?) Any other potential causes??

Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
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