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I am new the the whole ATV thing and I have a few questions. I just bought a 1999 600 Grizzly with about 2400 miles on it.

1. Is that a lot of miles on these quads and what would be a priority to check out first. I guess what Im asking is what generally goes first.

2. On my 1999 grizzly i have two vent lines I have a question about. . One is running to the rear diff the other runs to the right rear brake drum. Do they just tuck under the gas tank area and terminate there or should they be hooked up somewhere?

3. Regarding the frame, is there a difference in the 2000 model year to the 1999? I ask because i just purchased off of ebay a skid pan and front engine shield that was from a 2000 grizzly. I figured if notheing else i could modofy them to fit. When i bought my grizzly it did not have them on.

Thanks everyone!
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