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Rox Risers & Solex Bars

I purchased my set of Rox Risers back in February of 08. I bought the 3.5 Risers with the standard 7/8 bar clamps and then adapt to 1 1/8" bars. When I first received the risers and bars I noticed the packaging was excellent. Once I opened everything up I noticed the quality of these products is very tough and the finish is great.

I now have had my risers for awhile and put a good 1500 miles of riding on them and they have been awesome. The bars have a much more comfortable bend and allows for a more sporty riding stance. The finish on the bars and risers is still as good as it was when i first received them!

The stock set up on my Grizzly was a bit too far forward for me. I rode up on front of the seat and almost on the gas tank most of the time. With my Rox Risers positioned back a bit I am not longer riding on the gas tank. My butt is positioned more in the middle of the seat. This little difference goes a long way.

I give Rox Risers the GRIZZLY RIDERS seal of approval!

Ride On Cool, ;D
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