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Shim / Spring needed with 28" Mega Mayhem

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I am putting 28" Mega Mayhems on my 2009 Grizzly 550 eps. I needing to know what size shim and color spring I need to get best performance and not break anything? Other than an aftermarket exhaust and snorkeling, my 550 is stock.

Additional question… what is better… 11" wide on all four or 9" on front and 11" on rear??

Riding style is aggressive 50/50 (trail/mud) with some payed roads to get to trails.
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1.7mm shim is about the max you can put in a 550/700 and I'd go with a gold spring on those tires.

I've got 1.5mm in my 660 and it performs really nice.

I'll let the mudders chime in on the skinny/wide debate.
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