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I bought the grizzly 700 2014 to replace 2009 grizzly 700. Nothing but issues that yamaha refuses to warranty. Typical bs that it's not a manufacture problem broke from "impact". This machine has 400 miles on it and has only been riden very lightly on easy trails. To have the steering brake off the frame that is steel that is welded is f*ing impossible unless it was a weak weld done at time of manufacturing. Very disappointed.

Now I'm stuck with having to replace the entire frame. Oh yes the entire frame at my dime. My guess is the wider stance on the ATV caused weak points. But of corse they will never admit that.

Very disappointed. My 2009 is a way better machine. Yamaha Better go back to drawing board on the 2014's.

Any one else having issues with the 2014?
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