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valve adjustments

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can anyone helpme on how to adjust valves?....grizzly 350 2009 and a grizzly 450 2010.....greatly need help
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gain access to your valve covers (on the 400 kodiak and 660 Grizz this requires removing your front plastics, but may be different on yours) remove the valve covers.
find your timing plug/cover. (again, on the other bikes) it is under the pull starter. line up your timing mark and then check your valves to make sure you have a slight amount of freeplay between your rocker arms and the valves. if there is some clearance, go ahead and get your feeler gauge. if not, your 180 oout and need to rotate the crankshaft around one revolution and re align your timing mark. check for valve clearance, there should now be some clearance.
once your t TDC on the power stroke, use a feeler gauge, a 10mm wrench and then something to turn the adjuster (i use a very small crescent wrench) loosen the jamb nut and then use the crescent wrench to turn the adjuster until the valves are within spec.

i'm not positive for your machine, but valve clearance should be something like .003" to .005" on the intake and .004" to .006" on the exhaust
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Is there a video available on how to take all the plastic off to get at the meat of the machine?
Search for butch450 posts. He made a good video on adjusting the valves on a 450
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