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Will not start in Park or in gear.

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Hello, I have a 2005 Grizzly 660 that will only turn over in neutral. I see in the owner's manual that it should be able to start in park, or if the rear brake lever is pulled.

In search of finding the problem, I have checked the wires marked green (in the attached diagram). I have also verified the diode is working. This was done with both the diode and continuity test on the multi-meter. Both times it only gave a reading in one direction with about .5 ohms of resistance. All of the gear positions do light up on the dash. I am able to "start in gear" when I put a ground both neutral and high then I am able to do so. The switch in the rear brake lever is working properly. I do believe the "start in gear" is affected by it not being able to start in park.

When in park (P illuminated on the dash) and hit the start button, nothing happens. I do see in the wiring diagram that the "start in gear" circuit is attached to the park circuit.

Do yall have any ideas what I could check/ replace to get this to work.

New parts: Starter, Starting Solenoid, Battery, Brake Light, all Fuses.
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