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Winch Fairlead Cable Stop ?

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Hey all
I was thinking about getting a cable stop for my Warn 2500 on my '05 Grizz 660. I guess I'm sick of taking the fairlead apart and straightening it out when I bring the hook in too far.

I saw these rubber bumpers on Ebay and was just wondering if they help...and which one I should go with ?

KFI Winch Cable Hook Stopper | eBay

Thanks !

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Good idea on the dog toy, I used a rubber bow bumper/roller off my bass boat trailer, I replace them all and one was in good shape so I saved it for a spare. I saw the stops on eBay and they look just like the boat bumper/roller I had saved only cut in half, so I cut it inhalf and I had two winch hook stoppers. They work good but if your not paying attention (asleep) I'm sure the winch would pull the hook through the rubber.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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