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Hi there. Having a few issues with our Yamaha Kodiak 450.
It's an intermittent electrical fault where sometimes all the electrics cut out fully when being ridden, or other times when you go to start it. It completely cuts out the screen is blank, zero electrics.
The battery is new and good, as been tested, but the battery gets drained when the ignition is off so constantly have to have it on charge when not using it. When it's being ridden this also drains the battery rather than charging it.
Sometimes when it's about the happen the speedometer is going up when the quad is stationary.
Also the gear change light, often goes out or multiple light up at same time (this has been happening for a while so could be something else not connected).
Found giving the bike a shake or pushing on some of the wires under the seat near the battery sometimes resolve the issue...
Any suggestions...?
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